For show & tell in kindergarten I snapped a photo of my class with a toy camera. Shout-outs to Chuck, Steve, Lisa, Rafe, Tim, Mary...

This site, the topmost rooms anyway, is a compost. Uploading is catalytic; posting acts as an agent. Pieces and projects go up, mingle, percolate, disappear, to return reconstituted. Or not. In ancient times webpages had those “under construction” graphics--yellow road signs, silhouette of a digging man. This site is maintained  in that spirit. A turning more than a digging, as one does with compost to keep the components cooking. Stuff that’s done cooking is archived further down.

I'm a full professor at St. John's University where I currently direct the Writing Center. I directed the  Institute for Writing Studies from 2006 to 2017 when it was dissolved by the University. Before St. John's I taught in the Expository Writing Program at Harvard University, and before that worked as a counselor in the Higher Education Opportunity Program at Siena College. I've taught at the University at Albany (as a grad assistant), Siena College, and Tufts' Experimental College. I'm currently enrolled in the low residency MFA program in creative practice at the Transart Institute, accredited through Plymouth University, UK.

You can find my full c.v. here