Chauvet/228 Golden Glow Drive

The title refers to both the famous cave painting site as well as my first home in upstate New York. My father, a high school art teacher, kept my sister and me supplied with paper and and an enormous box of crayons. My parents saved over 100 drawings I made between the ages of 3 and 5; they are filled with monsters, fantastical beings, robots with hypnotizing googley eyes, dinosaur-dragons, crying fish, and, curiously, laboratory glassware. Using these drawings as seed material, these oil paintings have become exercises in (long-term) self-sampling. Working on this series gives me the impression of being in an apprenticeship with a now fifty-year old  ghost residue I vaguely remember, as I explore  that child entity's (largely indecipherable) mythopoetic vocabulary. The whole experience has for me a whiff of time travel, a sort of dreamtime poetics. "Once you admit that time past is actually infinite, being a child gradually fades out" (Susan Howe). A few samples of the original drawings are below.