"book of twins"

Transfixed in middle school by Robert Jastrow's description of  binary star systems in Red Giants and White Dwarfs. Korean royal astronomers first recorded these pairings 600 years ago in Calculations of the Seven Luminaries. Gravitational pulls. Couplings, found and lost. (2017)

"book of nets"

A riff on the Victorian scrapbook. An improvisational and (mostly) wordless narrative involving, among other things, caves, bridge-building, Jules Verne, timelines, camouflage, the big bang, event horizons, and Hieronymus Bosch's "The Wood Has Ears, the Field Eyes." (2017)


from "The Essentialists" (2015)

from "Synaptic Cleft: An Encyclopedia of Exploded Embracements" (2014)

from "Fourier Odes" (2013)

from "Hemispheres" (2011-2012)

from "wunderkammers" (early 2000s)

"Hollow Earth boxes" (early 2000s)

from verticals and horizontals (2012-13)