A vegetable garden is converted into a dirt studio for making seasonal tableaus, sculptures, and machines. These constructs are temporary and not to be seen in their entirety. Before being destroyed for new assemblages they are documented via macrophotography, video, text, and sound recordings. "a 1:1 map of itself" was comprised of six stations: hollow earth, petrified forest, compost house, telescope bridge, harmonial spheres, erth bath. Materials included bamboo, marble chips, sod, galvanized steel, glass flower frog, maps, miniature crystal globes, brass bell, cigar box with talismans buried beneath compost pile, tree stumps, dried gourds, antique bricks, candles, maps, nest, shells.

An excavational text accompanies the video (below) documenting this particular dirt studio installation, a fictocritical narrative mining  a range of sources (Arakawa/Gins, Elizabeth Kolbert, Ian Hamilton Finlay, James Hillman, Stan Brakhage, Charles Olson, Timothy Morton, Robert Smithson, John Cage, Denis Wood, Elizabeth Grosz, Joyelle McSweeney, John Crowley, Henry Corbin, Guy Davenport, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Sun Ra, Jonathan Skinner, Susan Howe, Chuck Stein, etc.)