portalage, n. (rare.)  “The construction of portals.”

I work in a range of media (collage, oil paint, poetry, assemblage, video, fiction, photography) while fussing about with the tropes of memory & myth, place & temporality. Sampling, remixing, and mashing are recurring methods. Sometimes it feels that this interaction with materials effects a reframing of time. For ex, in a series of oil paintings I used drawings I had made as a four-year-old as seed material, happily baffled by those unearthed, proto-archetypes. A so-called artist’s book—a globe containing a nest containing glass bottles containing short fictions—draws upon the hollow earth mythos as a conceit, a conduit, for time travel. A lot of the collage work touches on the implications of living in the anthropocene—meditations on the bittersweet weirdness of creating while living and dying here in this sixth extinction. In many ways these projects are about being haunted, while also being a haunt: imagining and channeling “voices” from past/present/future while acknowledging the ephemeral nature of my own existence. Portalagics. 

Demonstrations of portalage P to be found via this digital portal include:

r, s, m Remixing, sampling, mashing (3 distinct methodologies). Cuttings, tearings, pastings. D.J. poetics.

L1 L2 The lens as suspension bridge: camera & video as devices for temporal painting. Landscaping “pasts” (p) w/in “futures” “F” w/in “presents” [P] via these portalling machines.

s-s Self-sampling. Drawings from a child a half-century ago, reconstituted in oil paint. Puzzling over, & choreographing, indecipherable proto-archetypes.

v Victorian scrapbook as diagrammatic micro-novel.

h Heterotopias-in-boxes.

S “Scripts”. Channeled, felt, conjured, intuited voices. (Felicia Rudolphina Scatcherd, early 20th spiritualist and spirit photographer, would press unopened photographic plates against her cheeks & forehead, “entering intimacies w/unseen operators”. Accompanying transcriptions from-the-beyond were termed “scripts.”) Psychographical mutterances from the heavenly spheres, & other likewise neighborhoods. This project combined w/6th extinction hauntings oo

f Fabulisms, oneiric fancies, active imaginal faerie biographies. Homegrown mythologies. Flash-in-the-pan fictions. Short shorts; sugar eggs with peepholes.

R Parafictional retrospectivenesss. Je est un autre. Didactic art cards of the late “D.O.” Unseen, nonexistent work  curated for the reader’s e

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