portalage, n. (rare.)  “The construction of portals.”

The making of portals runs throughout the practice. Less a matter of “research” or “problem solving” than one of problem enactment. One of the bigger problems being how to conjure modes of getting from here to there, & there to here. Attempts at eutopian thought-in-the-act. A thoughting (becoming) of (& with, and after, ever). Portalagics. 

Demonstrations of portalage P to be found via this digital portal include:

r, s, m Remixing, sampling, mashing (3 distinct methodologies). Cuttings, tearings, pastings. D.J. poetics.

L1 L2 The lens as suspension bridge: camera & video as devices for temporal painting. Landscaping “pasts” (p) w/in “futures” “F” w/in “presents” [P] via these portalling machines.

s-s Self-sampling. Drawings from a child a half-century ago, reconstituted in oil paint. Puzzling over, & choreographing, indecipherable proto-archetypes.

v Victorian scrapbook as diagrammatic micro-novel.

h Heterotopias-in-boxes.

S “Scripts”. Channeled, felt, conjured, intuited voices. (Felicia Rudolphina Scatcherd, early 20th spiritualist and spirit photographer, would press unopened photographic plates against her cheeks & forehead, “entering intimacies w/unseen operators”. Accompanying transcriptions from-the-beyond were termed “scripts.”) Psychographical mutterances from the heavenly spheres, & other likewise neighborhoods. This project combined w/6th extinction hauntings oo

f Fabulisms, oneiric fancies, active imaginal faerie biographies. Homegrown mythologies. Flash-in-the-pan fictions. Short shorts; sugar eggs with peepholes.

R Parafictional retrospectivenesss. Je est un autre. Didactic art cards of the late “D.O.” Unseen, nonexistent work  curated for the reader’s eye. 

ditchingprocedure3 2.jpg
ditchingprocedure1 3.jpg