"Girl Anarchist Explodes Bomb", 2018

“Faced with an unprecedented amount of available text, the problem is not needing to write more of it; instead, we must learn to negotiate the vast quantity that exists. How I make my way through this thicket of information—how I manage it, how I parse it, how I organize and distribute it—is what distinguishes my writing from yours." (Kenneth Goldsmith, Uncreative Writing, NY: Columbia U P, 2011, p. 1)

A novella in couplets, culled from crumbly old newspapers (2018).


"book of twins", 2017

Transfixed in middle school by Robert Jastrow's description of  binary star systems in Red Giants and White Dwarfs. Korean royal astronomers first recorded these pairings 600 years ago in Calculations of the Seven Luminaries. Gravitational pulls. Couplings, found and lost. (2017)

"book of nets", 2017

An improvisational and (mostly) wordless narrative involving  caves, bridge-building, Jules Verne, timelines, camouflage, the big bang, event horizons, and Hieronymus Bosch's "The Wood Has Ears, the Field Eyes." (2017)