the 4 corners

Mixed media, 2019. Titles for each come from text embedded in the compositions.

One ongoing idea is that each piece will operate as two works—one to be considered from afar, but will also lure the viewer into standing up close so that various “neighborhoods” can manifest, depending on where the person stands, kneels, and focuses her attention. (In presenting close-ups of the composition in grid fashion below each work, I find it interesting how they evoke a visual chapbook of sorts, each close-up shot mimicking a page.)

These 4 pieces are hung with wooden dowels, echoing an interest of mine in those large world maps people my age recall from their elementary and high school classrooms.


unstretched canvas, 5’10” x 4’10”

acrylic, oil, pastel, string, paper, burlap, fabric, peppercorns, daisies, etc

“Like Pterodactyls”

unstretched bedspread, 6’4” x 4’11”

acrylic, papers, fabric, string, lens, photos, text, coins, charms, metal washers, powdered dye, etc.


unstretched canvas, 5’6’ x 4’10”

acrylic, oil, pastel, burlap, string, fabric, paper, cheesecloth, paper straws, etc.

“The Unburied Legs”

unstretched landscaping tarp,6’ x 4’9”

acrylic, oil, pastel, papers, fabric, string, talcum powder, ties, photos, belts, etc.