While “twinning” figures in some of the work in this site (see “book of twins” in the “scrapbooks” section, the “Hemispheres” boxes), “threeing” is equally rich and mysterious. Paul Ryan refers to threeing as a relational practice, “an art of relating.” (Video Mind, Earth Mind; NY: Peter Lang, 1993). There are times when certain images announce themselves as needing to be part of a triad, incorporated into something almost resembling a syllogism or hinting at a Venn diagram. In other words, one “left hand” image seems to be paired with another “right hand” image—but for the pairing to work, they must be conjoined by a third, intermediary image. Some of these trios seem to be me bookends on either side of a catalyst; other times they operate more like an x is to y as y is to z logic. Often their connective logic is odd enough to me that I can’t explain why they go togother; just that they need to. These were made in 2019.

“Oedipal Triptych”

“Wonderment Triptych”

“Levitation Triptych”

“Acension Triptych”

“Big Bang Triptych”

“Twoity Triptych”

“Langue et Parole Triptych”