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Memory's Wake, Spuyten Duyvil. 

Composition and Sustainability: Teaching for a Threatened Generation, NCTE Press.

Resisting Writings (and the Boundaries of Composition), Southern Methodist University Press.

poetry, fiction, lyric essay

work published in OcculumMedusa's Laugh: "Lost" anthology; The Quiet Circle, Verbatim, Requited, Scrutiny, Map Literary, NOON, Eyedrum Periodically, UnLost, Clockwise Cat, BarzakhBourbon Penn, Gone Lawn, elimae, Otoliths, e.ratio, The Southampton Review, Seneca Review, Ecopoetics , Synaesthetic,  Anabasis, The Little Magazine, Asylum, Fantasy and Terror, Kyoto Review, Pierogi Press.

chapters in edited collections

 “Workshops, Crits, and the Arts of Response.” Exquisite Corpse: Art-Based Writing Practices in the Academy. Kate Hanzalik and Nathalie Virgintino, editors. Parlor Press, 2019.

“Re-claiming Composition: A 21st Century Interdisciplinary Imperative.” With Tara Roeder. Writing Changes. Pegeen Reichert Powell,editor.MLA, 2019.

"'Letting the sheets of memory blow on the line': Phantom Limbs, World-ends, and the Unremembered." Educating for Sustainability in Unsustainable Environments.Jane Haladay and Scott Hicks,editors. Michigan State University Press, 2018.

"Critical Expressivism's Alchemical Challenge." Critical Expressivism: Theory and Practice in the Composition Classroom.Tara Roeder and Roseanne Gatto,editors.WAC Clearinghouse & Parlor Press, 2015.

 "Multitopia: Composing at the Edge of the Map." Composing Other Spaces. Douglas Reichert Powell and John Paul Tassoni, editors. Hampton Press, 2009.

"Hideaways and Hangouts, Public Squares and Performance Spaces: New Metaphors for Writing Center Design." Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work. Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce. Hampton Press, editors.2008.

"Two Centers, Not One." Marginal Words, Marginal Works? Tutoring the Academy in the Work of Writing Centers. Nick Mauriello and Bill Macauley, editors. Hampton Press, 2007.

"From Site to Screen, From Screen to Site: Merging Place-Based Pedagogy with Web-based Technology." With Tim Lindgren. The Locations of Composition. Christopher J. Keller and Christian Weisser,editors.SUNY Press, 2007.

 "Teaching In Situ." Relations, Locations, Positions: Composition Theory for Writing Teachers. Peter Vandenberg, Sue Hum, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon,editors.NCTE Press, 2006.

 “Sex Dolls, Mice, and Mother’s Suitcase." Poetry and Pedagogy: The Challenge of the Contemporary. Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr,editors.Pallgrave MacMillan 2006.

 "In Response to Max Oelschlaeger." Writing Environments. Sidney I. Dobrin and Christopher J. Keller,editors.SUNY Press, 2005.

“What the Left Left Out.” Radical Relevance: Toward a Scholarship of the “Whole Left.’” Laura Gray-Rosendale and Stephen Rosendale,editors.SUNY Press, 2005.

"Curriculum for Seven Generations." Beyond English, Inc.: Discipline and Curriculum for English Studies in the 21st Century. David Downing, C Mark Hurlbert, and Paula Mathieu,editors. Heinemann-Boynton/Cook, 2002.

"’Some People Just Want Their Stories to Die with Them.’" Public Works: Student Writing as Public Text. Emily Isaacs and Phoebe Jackson, editors. Heinemann, 2001.

"Sustainable Composition."Ecocomposition: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches. Sid Dobrin and Christian Weisser,editors.SUNY Press, 2001.

 "Writing in the Hivemind." With Don Byrd. Literacy Theory in the Age of the Internet. Irene Ward and Todd Taylor,editors.Columbia University Press, 1998.

"Coherence" and “Essay,” in Keywords in Composition Studies. Paul Heilker and Peter Vandenberg,editors.Boynton/Cook, 1996.

Introduction. The Essay: Theory and Pedagogy for an Active Form. Paul Heilker. NCTE, 1996.

"Composition as the Voicing of Multiple Fictions." Into the Field: The Interdisciplinary Site of Composition Studies. Anne Ruggles Gere,editor. MLA, 1993.

articles in journals

“’Our hopes lie in a time of alliances’: Epistolary Praxis and Transdisciplinary Composing.” With Rachel Epp Buller. Something Other: Collecting Writing, Performance, and Their Others.December, 2018.

“Making 4Cs Matter More.” With Claude Hurlbert and Robert Yagelski. Writing on the Edge 15:2, Spring 2005: 67-91.

“Student Fears About the Next Twenty-Five Years.” Futures Research Quarterly 16:4, Winter 2000: 51-61

"Between Apocalypse and (E)utopia: Narrative In and Out of Cyberspace. with Michael Blitz, et. al. Works and Days 3/34, 35/36, 1999-2000: 453-485.

"From the Business Ethics Course to the Sustainable Curriculum." Journal of Business Ethics 17.15, 1998: 1765-1777.

"Liminal Drift: The Art of Getting Lost in Imaginal Space." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology 18: 3 & 4, August 1997: 225-37.

"The Aggregate Eye / A Rhetoric of Collage." Readerly/Writerly TextsEssays on Literature, Literary/Textual Criticism, and Pedagogy 4.1 (1996): 9-30.

"Cannibals in the Mirror: Using a Sequence Approach with a Controversial Text." Statement: Journal of the Colorado Language Arts Society. 33:1, Fall 1996: 10-13.

"Course Syllabus and Critical Statement." Composition Studies. 23:2, Fall 1995: 83-87.

"Earthworm Hermeneutics." Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives in Learning 1, 1995- 96: 8-15.

"Writing in Tongues in the Virtual Sanctuary." The Little Magazine 20, 1994: 119-125. 

Untitled essay on Bob Perelman.Contemporary Poets. Ed. Tracy Chevalier. Chicago: St. James Press, 1991: 752 

"Beyond Eurocentric Rhetoric." Works and Days 16, 1990: 87-101.


 Response to interview with Max Oelschlaeger, “The Quest for Truth: Max Oelschlaeger on Rhetoric and Wilderness.” Writing Environments: Rhetoric, Texts, and the Construction of Nature. Sid Dobrin and Chris Keller,editors. SUNY Press, 2004.

Christian Weisser, Moving Beyond Academic Discourse: Composition Studies and the Public Sphere. JAC 22:2: 458-63.

"When Violence Calls for a New Pedagogy." A review of Michael Blitz and C. Mark Hurlbert’s Letters for the Living: Teaching Writing in a Violent AgeComposition Studies 27.2, 1999: 109-114.

"Metzger’s Current." Rev. of Blood and Volts: Edison, Tesla, and the Electric Chair," by Th. Metzger. American Book Review June-July 1996: 6.

My mother’s cow, Betsy. From  Memory’s Wake.

My mother’s cow, Betsy. From Memory’s Wake.